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Ok, i'm doing this again. So, post pictures of who or what you want me to icon. It can be anyone (anything). Please post only MQ or HQ pics, and no more than 8. I can also make animated icons but you'll have to leave me a dl link for the clip and tell me the exact time i should iconize (example 0:45 to 0:48).

Hit me HERE @ gracefulrainbow
team Cara


Ok, i'm doing some pimping both on my lj and graphics comm for:

legendland is Legend of the Seeker interactive challenge community. There are 3 teams: Team Kahlan (confessors), Team Cara (mistress_cara) and Team Richard (team_seeker). After you apply and get sorted into your appropriate team, you may compete against the other teams in different challenges. Such as making graphics, solving puzzles, writing, with the occasional Team challenges.
If you are interested please apply here.

Join us and have fun! :)

And if you decide to join tell them beautifullauren sent you. :)