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Rant about Wizard's First Rule and some dog pictures behind the cut.
If you want to waste half an hour of your time go read. :P

1. Ok, so i started reading Wizard's First Rule. Now some of you will say i'm stupid but i stopped. Why? Well cause i can't get Craig Horner out of my head, and well that's a bad thing. He's not book!Richard for me. I already tried to read these books cause LotS is my second fav show ever, but i stopped because of the same reason. I try to picture some big, handsome (not saying that CH is not handsome), heroic guy who's so tough and badass that if i ever saw him irl i'd probably run away screaming and then pufff Craig pops into my head with his big puppy eyes and adorable smile. I know how some of you said that show!Richard is entirely different than book!Richard but his looks is what's annoying me. Show!Richard is no hero imo, and i have a problem with that too when i'm reading these books. I am not trying to bash Craig, he's a good enough actor, he's cute, he looks like a really nice guy so this has nothing to do with him.
When i see Richard in my head i see someone like Alexander Skarsgard, tall and intimidating, i don't want to see this
The other problem i have is Richard and Kahlan pairing, cause well i'm certain there's a LOT of RK in the books. Again the same problem, i don't like Bridget and Craig together, she looks like his older sister. Show!Kahlan is taller, looks more intimidating and has more balls. By the end of the show their relationship was more platonic and i could never picture them doing dirty things to each other. :P And then i'm supposed to read the books and think of these two as a perfect couple. To be honest i'm really sad that i have this problem cause almost every person that read SoT books loves RK and their relationship, and i know i would too if only i could focus and picture RK how i want to picture them. I know i should focus on a story, and just go with it, but i can't. *sniff*
I want to read these books so badly, i want to read about my Cara and all the other mord'sith, i want to read about CK friendship. I have no problem with Bridget as Kahlan (she's perfect for the role) and Tabrett as Cara, or any other actor, just with a guy who is unfortunately the most important character in the whole series. *sigh*
So is this bothering only me? I accidentally read a post on LotS forums by a guy who had the same problem. I just don't know what to do. Maybe i should find a picture of someone i could picture as Richard and stare at him for 20 minutes and then try. I even tried picturing that guy from Perdition but it didn't help. :(

Maybe him? :P

Also can someone tell me how much Cara is in the books? I know she's not in the first one at all, and Berdine is a lot more in the second and third one. I'd still read them even if she's not much in them at all but i was just wondering.

2. I rewatched some season 1 episodes of LotS today, and then it struck me again how very different Bridget Regan looks in s1. I don't know if it's make up or i'm crazy or what but her face is different. I notice details like this all the time lol. Tell me i'm not crazy. :P

3. Why do people think if you're a Twilight fan that you're automatically stupid and immature? I just had enough of all the bashing and hate going around the internet. I love the books (especially the first one), the movies are nothing special, the first one is the best and the last one is not bad, the acting is much better (even though it still sucks) but i am a big fan. I think it's a wondeful love story. I'm not an obsessed fangirl who is buying tampons with Edwards face on them, i have issues with it, writing at times, overprotective male lead, i would die if you leave me nonsense, i only want to hang out with my bf, screw my friends and family who were there for me when i needed them, but yes i love it. Am i dumb because of that? Should i only love Harry Potter and praise it all the time? Cause apparently HP fans can't stand Twilight. Then i guess i'm special. :P

Sorry for the rant but i'm hyper today cause i drank too much coffee and i never drink it lol.
Now Craig fans and Twilight haters can start throwing tomatoes. :P

Oh and i wanted to post a couple of pictures of my dog, he's 2 years old and my little baby :D
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