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Sword of Truth!

Finally i managed to get Craig Horner out of my head and read the first four Sword of Truth books.
Warning: There are spoliers behind the cut.

All my LotS friends would probably guess immediately which book is my fav. ;) ToTW is not the best only because there is a lot of C/K in it, but because i loved the whole mystery effect that book had. First Marlin, then Nadine showing up, then of course psycho Drefan, then plague (honestly this is something that terrifies me more than anything, it's so scary to read about it and how people are helpless). Surprisingly i didn't hate Nadine, yeah she was annoying and a jealous bitch but lets face it Kahlan was insanely jealous in this books also. I can't belive she would go to Shota ALONE mainly because Shota sent Nadine to marry Richard. Like she doesn't know Richard would NEVER, ever choose another.

Book 2 and 3 were good, SoT a little better than BotF but there was something missing. I personally am not fascinated by Verna and Sisters of the light so maybe that's why those two aren't as good for me as WFR and ToTW. BotF was a little slow at times and a lot of things bothered me (mainly Richard). I don't like how Mother Confessor, ruler of the Midlands has to respond to a woods guide from Westland who knows nothing about ruling, but ehhh maybe it's just me.

WFR was amazing simply because it is the first book. Even though i watched LotS everything was kinda new for me, because tv show is almost entirely different than the books. I learned so many new things. The sl was amazing, DR is still my fav villain, i just love to hate this guy.

Cara - even though she was my fav character on LotS i decided to read SoT series from the beginning, i kept an open mind and even though i missed her terribly i was able to focus on sl and other characters in the first 2 books. There is only one thing i have to say about book!Cara. She is exactly the same as show!Cara. I admire Tabrett and everyone who worked on this show even more now. She's and extremely difficult character to write and portray because she's so complex and still they managed to make her exactly the same. When i read these books Tab is the only one that i can clearly picture in my head. With Kahlan it's mostly Bridget, sometimes it's a random pretty girl with long hair but Tabrett IS Cara from the books. Yes there are some minor differences but she's the same snarky, funny, grumpy, badass chick. My absolute favorite scene with her was the rats scene from book 4. Now you'll say i'm crazy cause she's being tortured there but gosh it was so well done. I loved how this fearless mord'sith called for her mommy, begging for help. That was the only scene i cried on in the books. And then of course there was Kahlan trying to save her bff, i just, i was crying so hard i was barely able to read. The only thing i am sorry about is that it wasn't written from Cara's POV, such a shame.
Cara bb stay this awesome, there's absolutely no one i could love more than you.

Kahlan - at first i didn't know what to think about her and i have to admit i liked Zedd and Richard more. She was a mystery and a little bit boring, plain, unfortunately like so many other characters. But then this amazing, wonderful woman made that bastard Demmin Nass eat his balls and BAM i fell in love with her. And let me just say, ConDar on the show can't even be compared to the one in the books. It's scary, but in the books it's terrifying.
There are times where she could annoy me to no end (that one moment from book 4 that i mentioned), and i have to admit i love her more when she's separated from Richard but she's a very interesting, strong female lead.
I was on the verge of tears a couple of times, especially when that bastard cut her hair off in SoT, and when she had to fight those pigs in the pit. She can go from vulnerable to a deadly warrior in a matter of seconds and that's what i love about her. I hate how they managed to poison her people with lies and turn them against her in SoT, that's probably the only sl i hate from the books.
If i had to pick a fav Kahlan scene...well how about every scene from SoT? Or every scene where she kicks ass and shows no mercy against Imperial Order. But my absolute fav must be with her naked leading young Galean army. What an amazing scene. I was terrified for her and all those young warriors but i knew deep down they'd be the ones to get out as winners.
All in all show!Kahlan is very close to book!Kahlan. In some ways i love book!Kahlan more, mainly because of the scenes from Stone of Tears. I was in awe with her, how inteligent this woman really is. A true leader.

Richard - i am scared of this guy, seriously i am. When he first picked up SoT i knew there would be trouble with him controling his anger and rage. Every time he picked that damn sword i started whimpering. He is not how i imagined him to be after i watched LotS and now even if i try i can't imagine CH as Richard. He is NOT Richard, now i'm even more sure than before. I had to make some icons for legendland tthe other day and OMG that guy is like a puppy next to book!Richard. I won't ever be able to watch LotS without laughing my ass off every time her appears on screen. He just looks so funny. No wonder book fans were so pissed off when they saw his pictures.
Book!R is an ok-ish character. Not my fav definitely but at least in WFR he wasn't that annoying. I know he's the Seeker but still at times it seems like he's too perfect or at least TG is trying to make him perfect. I don't like his i know everything and i am always right attitude. Yes he's a good guy, but sometimes so arrogant that i want to strangle him. I barely made it through BotF without throwing my laptop out the window. I know he means good, but i can't help it, he seems like a typical macho man and i HATE that. I have to admit i love show!Richard more (i hate how much they changed that character and how much of a sissy he is but i do love him as a person more). He's extremely boring (and dumb at times) but he never annoyed me this much.
His fav scene - well i love Denna/Richard scenes from WFR. I felt so sorry for him, but at the same time i was surprised how easily he could forgive Denna for everything she did to him, how he understood her. That's one thing i love about him, how he basically gave life back to mord'sith, how he never hated them or judged them for what they did in the past. Yes, truly a nice guy.

Zedd - gosh he was my fav character in WFR. He's so wise, inteligent and hilarious and that's what i like in a character. It's like K and R are 100 year old wizards and he is a young man full of life. Not everything needs to be taken so seriously, and he gives a great humorous note to these books. He's a wicked old man and i sure hope he will get a lot of scenes in the next 7 books. I'd like to read some Zedd/Cara interaction because we didn't get a lot of them on the show.
There are so many great scenes with him that i love but the one from ToTW with him and Ann playing like kids in the mud and laughing histerically has to be my fav. LOL i laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes.

There are so many other great characters i love. Rachel, Denna, Raina, Adie, Clarissa, Warren, Berdine etc. I have to say i love Denna so much more in the books. Show Denna is a lame copy of book!Denna imo. They didn't do her justice at all. I felt sorry for her, i wanted to hug this poor, tortured soul. When Richard killed her i had tears in my eyes and i shouldn't have after everything she did to him. She went through so much and then she falls in love with a guy who is obsessed with another woman. Such a sad life story. I screamed with joy when she and Richard made love, at least she got to experience that.

Richard/Kahlan - *sigh* i can't deny how much they love each other. I know these two people are soulmates, BUT i don't ship them. I tried, really, really tried cause Richard is so different in the books and even their relationship is different but i can't. I don't know if show!RK or CK ruined it for me. I do think they are cute, there is real passion between them, a lot of chemistry but i still crave for CK scenes, i still enjoy both of these characters more when they are alone. What i don't like about this love is that it's obsessive, that they can't think cleary when something bad happenes to one of them. I understand they want to protect each other, they just want to be happy like every normal couple, but that's the point, there is nothing usual or normal about their relationship. The idiocy that authors are selling to people nowdays how you should die when your love dies is unnecessary and frankly dangerous. What RK have in the books is not only love, it's obsession and i don't like it, it's not healthy. When they are together i want to strangle both of them. They should protect each other, they should try and be happy but for Gods sake get a grip and start acting like two adult, strong human beings that you are.

When Kahlan is with Richard she's not strong, intependet woman i love anymore, it's like she transforms to this dumb, annyoing, whiny, cheesy lady who does everything her master ups partner says. He says jump she jumps. I hate that she needs to ask him before she makes any kind of big decision that concernes her people, and she is a true leader. She is like his puppet, not Mother Confessor and the woman who everyone fears.

He left her in ToTW with that bastard Drefan because she betrayed him, she enjoyed sex with another man. Doesn't matter that she thought of him, that she was devastated it's not him. That the only way she could get turned on and climax is by thinking of him. I hate how she begged him to let her explain, i hate to see this woman on her knees, crying and dying inside just because her lover is too arrogant and stubborn to see he's the only one she wants . Jealousy is something i don't let myself feel. It's better to trust your loved one than to sulk and feel sorry for yourself later. But that's jmo.

I was really disappointed we didn't see more of Berdine/Raina. I guess we can't read about any other couple but RK, we should only praise them and their epic and true love. I hated how TG is exploring only RK's relationship and every other one is evolving bts. It would be nice to read romantic scenes of someone other than RK. I won't be surprised if we didn't get any Cara/Benjamin scenes in the books, we didn't even get her POV yet. *sigh* But you can't get everything you want, right?
Killing Raina off is something that truly devastated me. It was such a heartbreaking scene. Why her? I still can't get over it, i think TR did a cruel thing, taking Berdine the only one she could ever love. Lets face it, mord'sith don't fall in love easily. I just feel so sorry for her. *sigh*

Cara/Kahlan - i adore how much these two care for each other. Yeah, Cara is obviously there for her Lord Rahl but Kahlan is her sister of the agiel *swoons*, she jumps every time someone tries to harm her and Kahlan already feels strongly about her. So far i adore their relationship. I love that scene it the pit so much. In the books their relationship is already as strong as it was in Desecrated.
“Hold on, Cara. I care.” She smoothed the Mord-Sith’s hair back from her clammy forehead. “I care. We want you to live.” *sigh* I almost cried when i read this. *sniff*

I'm sure i forgot to mention some other great characters, but this post is already too long lol.
List of characters i dislike is maybe even longer but i have to mention that little bitch Violet and her dumb mother. She's probably my least favorite character, next to Drefan. Little devil. *shudders*

If i read how these books are RK books and how LotS should have been mostly about RK and Richard (because it's called Legend of the Seeker *rolleyes*) one more time i am going to throw a fit. It's obvious that these books are full of many amazing characters who are equally important as RK are. Yes Richard is the lead, but honestly i enjoy other supporting characters much more, and i am glad these books are written from different POV's. They are fantasy books first and foremost with some romance thrown in. Definitely one of the best book series out there.
WFR - 4/5
SoT - 3.9/5 (it's not 3.5 thanks to Kahlan and her awesomness)
BotF - 3.5/5
ToTW - 4.5/5

Comments are love. Let me see what you guys think. :)
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