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Rant about Merlin, The L Word and infidelity!

1. Merlin 4x02 – I love this show, i really do but it's getting more and more unrealistic. Of course, it's a family show, it's trying to send a message that good can and will win in the end, but for Gods sake at least make it look realistic. The most powerful witches in the world have a big plan, one of them sacrifices the other, she tears the vail between the worlds, and then when Merlin and Arthur and his handsome knights decide to seal the vail she does NOTHING. Yes, she's sitting at home, thinking about Emrys instead of going to the Isle of the Blessed to stop them. I am not saying i want Morgana to win, i love her, she's an interesting character (and extremely hot), but this is just ridiculous. She does something big and then acts later on like she doesn't care if her plan is going to work or not. Sometimes i really don't understand these writers. I was expecting Morgana on the Isle fighting Merlin and the others, but no she is relying on what Agravaine said about Arthur sacrificing himself. That's really dumb, and she isn't a dumb woman.
Also, M trying to kill Gwen. She just leaves her on the street for those creepy hellish creatures to kill her, which of course doesn't happen cause well she's a saint Gwen, everyone die around her but she's the only one unharmed. I mean, WTF?
Besides what's the point of her character? She is boring…she is sooooo boring…her scenes are pointless…and well she is boring. When she is on screen, i just don't care. I can't believe how many people like her, and hate Morgana. *shakes head* In the legends at least she's cheating on Arthur, she's a bitch but she's doing SOMETHING. Her character on Merlin is one-dimensional. Like i didn't love what they did to Morgana in season 3, i don't like what they are doing to Gwen either. No one, and i mean no one is that good, that sweet, shit even Merlin has flaws and makes doubtable decisions, and still he's one of the nicest people on television. Write her character better or kill her off, i can't stand her boring presence and knights falling at her feet like she's the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world. That's another thing. What's with everyone falling for Gwen? Arthur is in love with her, and i can understand that cause they spent a lot of time together (i guess, not that we saw it on screen), but Lancelot and Gwaine fall at her feet like she's a fucking model. I am not saying looks are the only thing that matters, Gosh not at all, but writers made it look like they fell for her because of her looks. Gwaine simply looked at her and woah he's so shaken, so mesmerized by her beauty. *rolleyes* Same with Lancelot. I'd understand if there was some connection they felt or if her charisma draw them in, but lets face it, Gwen isn't charismatic. It's like Brad Pitt would fall at my feet, and well that's the most unrealistic thing you can think about. *takes deep breath* Ok, i am done with ranting and spending precious time on this pointless character, now i'm switching to Lancelot………… MERLIN WRITERS ARE DUMB SON OF A BITCHES!!! There i said it. They kill of Lancelot. Lancelot. Omg, the only guy that can make Arthur/Gwen relationship at least a bit more interesting. Not only that, he's the bravest one (yeah, i guess that's why he did it), he's someone who Merlin can rely on, he's interesting and nice and he is such a big part of the legends. They hang on to characters like Gwen and kill him off. *shakes head* Damn people, i don't understand you at all.

2. I started watching The L word last night. The thing is that i know almost everything that will happen later on (yes, i'm a spoiler whore :P). The thing that really hit me is Bette cheating on Tina with some random hot chick and fans being ok with it. Am i the only one who thinks cheating is the indicator that you don't really love the person you're cheating on? Am i the only one who would NEVER forgive infidelity? It's really funny how Bette's fans are defending her, Tina neglected her, she was unhappy, lonely blah blah blah. Fuck that. If you truly love another person, if she's your whole world, if you plan to spend the rest of your life with her then there's NO WAY in hell you're going to even think about cheating. You can find other people attractive, you can even flirt, but cheating is a selfish act. When you truly love another human being you can't be selfish, you can't be self-centered, you want that person to be happy, you try to do everything to make them happy, there is no one else who could satisfy you cause you are connected, you mind, body and soul. I'm sorry to say this but Bette obviously doesn't feel that way, otherwise she would never cheat. If she felt neglected, she could have talked to her partner, they could have taken a break and then she could have slept with every other hot chick that gets her wet. This isn't love, at least not pure, unselfish, long-lasting love. I believe Tibette both love the idea of them being together, having a family, all that comes with a healthy relationship. I'm not saying they don't love each other, you can clearly see they do, but it isn't enough and will never be.
I also know that they get back together - that really disappointed me btw - and i can't help but ask myself what's the point? Bette will cheat again when things get rocky, when someone hot enough comes along, when they stop communicating, cause once a cheater always a cheater. When you find someone you live for, you breathe for then you're truly happy and you're not looking for sex in other places. That's not who Tina/Bette are to each other. But that's just my opinion. Besides she fucked that girl the morning after AGAIN and then asked forgiveness. Disgusting. It seems people like them together because they were in a relationship for so long. That's just a sign of I didn't find anyone better not I love you more than live itself. *shrug*
Am i living in a dream world? Are there relationships with that kind of pure love? Am i the only one who thinks cheating is a first sign that your relationship is falling apart and will never be the same again? That your partner isn't the one?
When i read comments like Oh i'm a Tibette fan but sex bettween Bette and Candace was sooooo hot and then Oh i want Bette and Tina back together, they're so made for each other i'm shocked and am asking myself what kind of world do i live in? Of course there is so many cheating going around, people are apparently ok with it. When Lorelai cheated on Luke on GG she immediately fell in my eyes as a character.
I could only understand people cheating if alcohol or drugs are involved (of course for a longer period of time, i am talking about addiction here, not i am going to get drunk and cheat on you) cause well those people are definitely not who they were before they entered that world.
So my question is, can you cheat on someone you love with all your heart?

3. I am in love with Shane. :D

Fell free to say what a sick and stupid bitch, or what a dumb and hopeless romatic i am. I won't get mad, promise. :P

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