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I need to rant again!

Merlin, Gwen/Arthur, Morgana, new tv shows, personal rant behind the cut. (HA i rhymed) You can also skip this, it's pretty long. ;)

1. Something is seriously wrong with Merlin writers. I have to admit i love Arthur much more this season, is it because i think he's hotter than before or for some other reason i don't know BUT the writers are making him dumb, i mean really, really dumb. Yeah, he's young, but Merlin is also young and he is always aware of everything around him, he's paying attention, he listens to people and what's most important he makes his own decisions. He makes mistakes, but those are his own, and he learns from them. On the other hand Arthur seems lost in time and space. He is King, he should behave like one. He makes decisions based on how his father made them. So right now he's nothing better than him. Stubborn, arrogant fool. He reminds me so much of Richard Cypher, every hero needs help, but in the end those around them (Cara, Kahlan, Merlin) were true heroes and R&A got all of recognition.
2. Gwen/Arthur. Don't get me started. He marries a woman he doesn't trust. What kind of fool does that? We all know the most important thing in a relationship (next to love of course) is trust. He is never going to trust her again, period. I still think M/M relationship would be 100 times more epic than this one. This looks forced, no chemistry, nothing. Please find new writers cause this is getting more and more ridiculous. Also we are supposed to love Gwen? How can i like her when she is so fucking boring. Gosh i thought Richard from LotS is boring, but this is a whole new level of boring.
Also can someone explain how is Angel second in the opening credits? Before Bradley and Katie who have 10 times more screen time than her?
3. Morgana. Now she is not only one-dimensional villain but stupid and unimaginative also? I guess i liked her more in this season than the previous one, but Merlin writers should take lessons from Once Upon a Time writers how to write a villain.
4. One of my new years resolutions was to start watching one of the new shows. I hear people talking about this and that and i'm still in LotS world so i said wth. In the end i couldn't pick and now i have to watch 4 shows and over 100 episodes. Once upon a time, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Chuck (for the last one i blame Mass Effect 2 *pout*, and yeah i know i'm soooo behind on that one).
I'm already done with OUAT, now i'm starting with TWD. It's a great show, acting is superb, and i am supposed to hate Regina and EQ but shit she's making it hard for me to hate her. But yeah i'm on Team good, i guess. WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE SO HOT? This is so not fair. *sigh*
5. I finally realized that i'm probably going to be alone for the rest of my life. I know it sounds depressing but i'm not sad, not even close. I don't need anyone, i feel good alone. I don't want to get hurt, i don't want to feel like shit after someone i love or care about leaves me because i'm not good enough. *shrug* Guys did all kind of shit to me in the past. One wanted to kill me, the other fell in love with his friend, one used me (yeah, you know how) only to throw me away. I was physically abused, called all kinds of names, i was a whore, bitch, cow, not good enough in bed etc. Why should i go through that again? Next to all that i am below average looking, totally unattractive. Who would even want me, i know i'm not good enough so i'm better alone. I have my rabbit Cara, i don't need anyone. :D
6. I need to start reading SoT again. I stopped on book six cause i was pissed off with the fact that not one chapter was from Cara's POV. And i'm still mad at Terry. But i am going to try again.

Y'all can ignore this post, i need to rant once in a while. ;)
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